Goodbye Broken Frames, Hello Canvas Prints. My Journey to Discover The Best Way to Put My Photos on The Wall

Moving into a new home can be a real chore, but one of the bright spots is decorating it. After selecting the perfect furnishings, you jump at the opportunity to compliment them with your favorite artwork and photos—items that make your home unmistakably yours. Every plain wall, empty shelf, and unadorned end table become a canvas for you to showcase your tastes, interests, and the people you love. And, as a new homeowner or tenant, you tackle this challenge full of ideas and enthusiasm and carefully place each framed photo in their perfect spot. But, as time passes, reality takes its toll on them. 

Kids Invade 

A cursory inspection of your home reveals that all the child-height surfaces—lower shelves and accent tables—are bare, while favorite wedding and family photos cower together, crowded on the tippy top shelves. After your toddler destroyed your honeymoon collage, framed under glass, you’ve decided this is it. You’ll no longer be able to beautify your home with the photos and artwork you love. As he gets older and taller, it will only get worse—even your wall hangings won’t be safe.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that offers an easier, child friendly way to showcase your photos and artwork—one that doesn’t require breakable glass or a frame. Photo canvases from CanvasPeople enable you to turn your favorite photos from your phone into sharp, rich color canvas prints.

More convenient than going to the store 

You no longer have to shop for frames and print out and set your photos or artwork. Just upload your photo, and choose your border wrap, size and effects like color pop, sepia, vintage and more. Your canvas comes with a sawtooth hanger, or for a few dollars, upgrade to the stronger wire hanger that is normally used in art galleries. Frame your canvas with a clean white, elegant espresso or sleek black frame. The various options to make your memories uniquely you are unlimited with CanvasPeople.

And the options and freedom continue at home. The lightweight, easy-to-hang canvases make them a no-brainer for anyone with physical limitations that make it challenging to hang heavy, breakable, framed pieces. And, the canvases’ mobility means you’ll create interesting visual points in hard-to-reach spots, inviting conversation and interest in your home. Now that the heavy weight of glass and frames isn’t an issue, feel free to express your creativity in new ways.

Finally! Decorating all the hard spaces 

See your home differently when it comes to your artistic expression and explore more options. That intimidating spot that you’ve always wanted to decorate but couldn’t reach with a heavy frame, can now showcase a key piece and set the tone for the whole room.

Keep your environment fresh and dynamic, and change up your surroundings, whether by season, occasion or just on a whim. The rubber bumpers on the canvas ensure you can move your items around without scratching your walls, so decorating is stress-free and fun.

And you can feel good about your choices because not only do these creations offer stunning, museum-quality prints, they’re durable and eco friendly. They use environmentally friendly inks and the stretcher bars are made out of pinewood from renewable forests.

Options Abound

Metal prints are another option to check out if you want to decorate your home, or give someone a special item that will that impress and surprise her. Metal photo prints are made on white-coated aluminum and sealed with a matte finish, guarding them against cracking, fading and scratching. They’re so durable that you can even display them outside, as they won’t yellow or fade, making them truly unique. Make your outdoors feel more like a resort, with relaxing, lively metal prints of your favorite scenery, creating a distinctive ambience for your space.

Or even go beyond your indoor and outdoor walls and explore all the custom gifts that CanvasPeople offers—photo mugs, throw pillows, blankets, and more. Make anyone smile on any occasion—birthdays, weddings, Mother’s and Father’s Day (Don’t forget that pet parents are moms and dads too!) graduation, anniversaries or just because. You can also create personalized facemasks for your family or for a group, with fun images to make it easy to remember to take your mask with you.

If you want stress-free, low-cost, practical and beautiful solutions to preserve your favorite moments and memories, go to CanvasPeople. The company offers many different ways to safely display your special memories. You can make your house a home even with a rabid toddler—or playful puppy, or curious kitty—running and jumping around.

Whether you’re going for fun and frivolous, or heartfelt and meaningful, they have what you’re looking for, because each item is original and designed by you! Great for gift-giving, and remember, you deserve a gift for yourself anytime of year.

What makes CanvasPeople a world leader in photo canvases for the home? 

Hundreds of thousands of people every year are buying canvases from CanvasPeople, saying, “I wish I had found out about this sooner.”

Here are just a few of the reasons people love CanvasPeople:

  • All canvases made in the USA, supporting hundreds of jobs
  • Lightweight, yet more durable than a glass framed print
  • Preinstalled sawtooth hanger makes installation easy
  • Made with renewal wood, non-toxic inks
  • Fill any size space with many sizes to choose from

But… Is it Really Worth All This Hype?

So far, CanvasPeople has sold over 2 million canvases units directly to consumers and has been in business for over 10 years.

CanvasPeople has received over 1 million Likes on Facebook and has five-star ratings all over the web!

CanvasPeople has developed a cult following. With 49,592 5-star reviews, here’s what customers are saying:

“I can’t speak on the individual merits of weighted blankets for everyone; what I do know is that I have been intrigued by them for some time. As someone who is prone to anxiety and sleeplessness, getting a good night’s rest has been an elusive goal. But, these blankets are really quite expensive, and I was never quite sure if it would live up to its cost. I took the plunge on this one, and this is what I think:

After about a week of use, I feel like the blanket works incredibly well. I know it will vary from person to person, but I’ve been sleeping 8-9 hours a night, falling asleep faster, tossing and turning less, and feeling better in the morning. I place it beneath the sheets and comforter, with the textured side down. I find the weight can actually be a little much in some body positions, and it has lead to me sleeping on my back, something I never did before. This, however, has been a pleasant development: the blanket in addition to the position feels a lot like shivasana at the end of a yoga session, very meditative and relaxing. The weight also seems to be at an optimal distribution in this arrangement. I will say that the addition of the blanket to my bedtime routine has made me very aware of my ‘sleep hygiene,’ in that I lay the blanket out on the bed before sleeping, and get right in and go to bed, no more staying up for hours on my phone, no more watching YouTube or Netflix before sleeping. I remove it in the morning and fold it up when I make the bed. Very nice, and very effective.”

Using it for under a week and seen tremendous results

“Just got this today for my son who deals with anxiety sometimes. I’ve been using the blanket for a few hours and I am very impressed so far. It seems well made, was packaged wonderfully, has no odor, is soft and is very warm but not hot (I can’t stand being hot under covers). I am experiencing the relaxing effect of the blanket. I feel like it is going to hold up well and assuming it does, we will be buying more.

Update: my son has been using it for just under a week and we have seen tremendous results. He is sleeping better and longer, wakes up more rested and in a better mood. It definitely is helping us start the school year off right!”

“This blanket is very soothing! It’s very relaxing at the end of the day. I feel like my energy is becoming calmed and contained when I am stressed out. When I am extra stressed I fold the blanket lengthwise, doubling the weight and lay it over me for the first 15 minutes and my muscles begin to release, almost like a massage.” 

So Calming!

To top it all off, several scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of the weighted blanket: 

One study found that participants who wore a weighted blanket while undergoing a stressful medical procedure showed more activity in the part of the nervous system that is in control during times of low stress.

Another study found that 78% of adults who used a weighted blanket found it to be an effective calming mechanism.

A study on the effectiveness of weighted blankets for treating insomnia concluded that weighted blankets led to a calmer night’s sleep for those suffering from the sleep disorder.

And, weighted blankets such as the CanvasPeople have been proven to help elementary school aged children to pay more attention and fidget less in class. “It’s absolutely true that some kids benefit from compression,” says Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD, board-certified sleep psychologist and director of the behavioral sleep program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

After seeing the actual scientific proof on the effectiveness of the CanvasPeople, I finally felt comfortable trying it out for myself…

So, I ordered it online through their official website and it was at my house 4 days later.

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