Inspirational Canvas Displays from our Customers!

Decorating with canvases has never been easier!

As a customer you’re already on your way to transforming your home with custom canvas prints. Let us help you create your very own gallery wall feature with these inspirational ideas for using canvases on your walls. They’ll never look the same again!


Melody Hall “This group of canvas pictures is my life and heart. This collage represents the culmination of our love conquering the distance between the USA and the Philippines, two hearts coming together as one, the love overflowing and creating the beautiful miracle of our son. Thank you CanvasPeople for making our pictures extra special! 


Teri Walters “I run a small dog sanctuary and when one of our residents crosses over, we honor them with a canvas portrait on our memory wall. These prints are very special to me.”


Dawn Alwardt “This is one of my daughter’s 1 year photos and we used her newborn canvas as a prop to show how much she changed in that year! I love this canvas photo because it is the first professional photo ever taken of her and when her photographer showed it to me I couldn’t help but think how perfect she was and such a blessing!


Matt Anderson “I love my canvases because they represent the things I love the most!”


Tina Schaefer “My favorite flower is the daisy. I absolutely love this canvas you did for me. I made the sconces along side of it. It is a classy and elegant piece of art. It is the first thing seen when walking through my front door. Thank you! 

Kendal Mae Brewer “I love my canvases, these were the first canvases I have ever bought. This was the start of my little family!”


Jennifer Rivera “I have 2 favorite canvases. This one is my family. It hangs proudly over our fireplace and is the centerpiece of the living room. I ordered this size to fit a beautiful antique frame I found at a thrift shop for $4. To me, it’s the most precious piece of art.”

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