How to Choose the Right Canvas

Selecting the best canvas size for your prints is not always as easy as it sounds. Many factors play a role in this, including where you plan to place it and your budget. Canvas prints are available in many sizes, and that means you have ample flexibility to find the perfect option for your specific needs.

Are you planning to create a gallery wall filled with numerous canvas prints? If so, choose canvas sizes that highlight the importance of each photo in your collection. Looking to create an eye-catching display in your living room? Consider which size and how many prints would be best for your desired look. With so many options, there’s ample flexibility to get something just right for you.

Consider a few popular sizes and how they may work for your space.

8” by 10”

An excellent choice that’s just slightly smaller than a sheet of paper, 8” by 10” canvas prints are a great option for gallery walls. Use several to fill a wall space with images of your favorite people, places, or things. You can also use them to elevate a bookshelf or cabinet display. This size is also a good choice for those who want to display school photos – perhaps year after year of your students.

Canvas prints of this size are versatile enough for many needs but tend to depict one or two subjects. If you add a photo of the whole family, each person will have a much smaller visual. For landscapes, however, 8” by 10” canvases work well to highlight the entire scenery.

Woman places canvas print of a baby on a shelf
8″ by 10″ canvases might seem small, but they pack a big punch, especially when placed on a smaller wall.

11” by 14”

The next largest option is 11″ by 14″. This is quite the versatile option for wall décor because it is small enough to use several next to each other, but also large enough to center in the middle of a wall for a specific visual display. Canvas prints of this size can also work for many types of photos, from profiles to snapshots of active life, like a perfect sports shot or a picture from a graduation photoshoot.

Because it is larger, you can also use this size to create a photo collage, which would mean placing four 5” by 7” photos on the canvas, allowing you to create a very customized look.

Canvases of two children hung on the wall of a bathroom
Think outside the box when it comes to decorating with canvases! Try walls in the bathroom, kitchen or office.

16” by 20”

16” by 20” canvases are a popular choice for good reason. Canvases of this size are big enough to display photos containing many people, for example, a snapshot of a wedding party. You can also use these for fantastic panoramic-like landscapes or tall buildings.

Use these canvas prints in a range of ways, like above a desk, sofa, or doorway. You can also use them to hang on a statement wall to make a big impact. The larger size of this canvas print will allow you to choose an image with more details, but you can also create a very intimate feeling with a close-up photograph.

Two canvases hung on the wall of a well decorated bedroom
16″ by 20″ canvases are a great size for bedroom décor: large enough to stand out in the room, but not overwhelming for the space.

Which Is the Perfect Size for Your Canvas Prints?

When choosing a photo canvas, consider the whole experience.

  • Where do you plan to place this image?
  • Do you want to include one or more images in that area?
  • Do you want the piece to serve as artwork or a statement piece for the room?

After choosing where you want to place it, the next step is to consider the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of canvas prints is based on the relationship of each side of the canvas to the other sides.

For example, if you have a square image, that means you have a 1:1 aspect ratio where all sides are equal. If you have an aspect ratio of 1:2, that means one side is twice as long as the other.

When choosing the best personalized canvas prints, keep this in mind, because you want to have balance. If the image you hope to put on canvas needs to be adjusted based on the size canvas you wish to use, you’ll need to work closely with the printing company to create the perfect alignment to capture the details you desire.

Other Factors to Consider

Personalized canvas prints allow you to create something that is just right for your space. If you want something custom and unique, canvas prints make that possible! Be creative and choose a canvas that helps your vision come to life.

When deciding on décor for your space, don’t overlook the cost. You do not have to overspend, but you do need to focus on quality. If the canvas prints are not done well, you may run into issues like degraded photo quality, color inaccuracies and cheap canvas material. These could all contribute to a lackluster print that doesn’t do your photo justice. In short, focus on quality first and then affordability (Tip: the good news is you can have both!)

Woman hangs canvas print on a wall with other various sized canvases
When creating a gallery wall, you shouldn’t be limited by price. Find a high quality and affordable print so you can build your dream display.

We Make It Easy for You

Once you have an idea of the best print size for your needs, upload your photo and customize your canvas prints on our site. You can then review the print, making sure it’s aligned properly, and make any adjustments necessary.

Personalized canvas prints last a lifetime and can be one of the best gifts for someone special or the perfect way to display your favorite images in your home. From wall décor to personalized gifts, let CanvasPeople help you create the perfect print.

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