Creating Your Own Custom Photo Blanket

A personalized blanket is the perfect way to stay wrapped in love no matter where you are. They are meaningful, great for cuddling, and a long-term testament to what you value the most. Our photo blankets offer a variety of customizations, so before you build one for yourself or a loved one, here are some tips to make the blanket of your dreams.

Features of Our Photo Blankets

All of our custom photo blankets come in a uniform 50” x 60″ size. Whether you have a huge sectional or a king-sized bed, these measurements give you the flexibility to cover large furniture and multiple people.

One of the most important factors of a blanket is the material. You want a soft, cuddly texture that feels comfortable against your skin. Our blankets are double sided, with a silky fleece on one side, and a fuzzy sherpa material on the other.  The sherpa-lined back side is made from a type of polyester with a soft touch that resembles wool. You can count on this high-quality material to keep you warm and cozy. The printed side of the blanket is made from fleece, which is lightweight and smooth enough to perfectly capture the details of your photo.

Child touches a blanket showing the sherpa texture

Choosing the Right Photo or Design

When building your photo blanket, the best place to start is with the right picture or design. As the focal point of your new throw, this part of the creation process can be the most daunting. Consider photos featuring a beautiful landscape or a piece of artwork. If you want to get more personal, try a snapshot of your family, partner or pet. Tip: When picking images for your blanket, try to select high resolution photos in the JPG format for the best results.

The picture or design you print may also depend on its future home. Will it be displayed folded on a couch? Or laid across a bed? Whether it will be gifted to a friend or kept for yourself, think about what message you want to convey with your custom piece. The sky is the limit, so get creative and design something that feels personal to you!

Should I Choose a Single Photo or a Collage Blanket?

If you have just one image you want to display, then a single photo blanket could be the right choice. Blankets with just one picture are impactful, and if the image is of a high resolution, your printed throw will highlight the stunning details of your photography. Other times, you may want to opt for a collage blanket. This is a great choice for those with a full photo library of special moments but can’t choose just one!

Are There Any Fun Designs I Can Choose From?

If you’re looking to take your photo to the next level, choose one of our templates with overlaid text, additional imagery, or a custom background. Our in-house designers work with you to make sure your photo is well-represented with the rendered designs.

Ready to build a photo blanket of you own? Start building yours here.

What Will You Print?

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