How to Display a Canvas Without Nails

Your CanvasPeople print has arrived. You know exactly where you want to display it. But the thought of having someone drill a hole in your wall, doing it yourself, or having to ask for your landlord’s permission makes you want to change your mind.

But wait, who said anything about holes and nails?

That’s right, you don’t need them! Here’s some alternative inspiration for hanging canvases without the traditional hassle.

How to Display a Canvas Without Nails

Use Adhesive Hooks

Also known as command strips, self-adhesive hooks come in various weight capacities for different hanging needs. They’re designed to support lightweight keys to heavier items – such as canvas prints.

You can find them in any local hardware, department, and office supply stores. Plus, you can conveniently order them through online retailers like Amazon.

Before purchasing your adhesive hooks, ensure that their weight and size can support your canvas prints. Don’t forget to check product descriptions for any additional instructions provided by the manufacturer, including applicable surfaces.

Place It on Top of Ledges and Floating Shelves

If you have barren floating shelves or are looking to spruce up your ledges, they’re perfect for displaying your smaller canvas prints. At CanvasPeople, you can get custom canvas prints as small as 8×10”, so they can fit in every nook and cranny.

Just place the prints on the shelves or ledges, making sure they’re well-angled and won’t slide or topple over. This fun and versatile option lets you switch and rearrange the prints whenever you feel like it!

Shelf above cabinet with canvas pictures and other decorations

Lean It on Top of Cabinets, a Chest of Drawers, or a Piece of Furniture

Leaning your canvas print on surfaces adds a laid-back, yet stylish touch to your home décor. It creates a focal point, making it the star of the room! It grabs attention while adding stability and balance to the overall look.

Bonus tip: if you have a glass door cabinet, they’re ideal for displaying your canvases next to books and other adornments.

Display It on an Easel Stand

Speaking of focal points, easel stands are an unconventionally creative way to display your prints. Nothing screams “art!” louder than easels.

An easel alone could add artistic vibes to any room. If you don’t want them to steal the show, opt for a sleek, modern easel over their rustic counterparts.

Easels come in different sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your canvas print perfectly.

Leave It on the Floor

Bear with us – this could be a great idea for larger or oversized canvas prints, especially if you have empty corners that need some love.

The same way you can lean your art on top of furniture, you can also lean them on the floor if they’re big enough to stay at eye-level. As a result, your canvas can double as a trendy piece of furniture.

A picture sits against a wall surrounded by cactus and furniture

Create a Quirky Art Gallery Using Tension Rods

Want an artsy gallery-style display? Tension rods are convenient, adjustable, and probably the most unique of the options mentioned previously.

Just set up up a tension rod in front of a wall and hang your canvases from it using metal hangers, rope or even clips. CanvasPeople’s prints come with pre-installed hanging equipment, so you won’t have trouble with makeshift hooks.

They make it easy to mix-and-match, rearrange, or swap out prints by adjusting the rods, giving you the flexibility to revamp your display whenever you want.

Don’t worry about weight – you can use multiple tension rods, if necessary, since they come in various adjustable sizes.

Nails and Holes Are Overrated. Embrace Alternative Hanging Methods!

Displaying canvas prints shouldn’t be synonymous with having ruined walls behind them.

Of course, if you have the means to hang your canvas using nails, go for it. But if you don’t, you still have command strips, floating shelves, furniture, easels, and tension rods in your favor.

Feeling inspired? Create your own canvas print.

Create a Canvas

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