How to Clean Canvas Pictures

Custom canvas prints can turn any digital picture into a stunning work of art. But their beauty depends on two main things: how they’re crafted, and how you care for them.

At CanvasPeople, we use the highest-quality materials to produce resistant, vibrant canvases that are built to last. All of our canvas prints are wrapped with a special poly cotton blend that is resistant to scratching, cracking and warping.

We treat each of our print orders with the utmost care and love. But, unfortunately, elements like sunlight and chemicals are also at play.

With that in mind, here are some quick cleaning and placement tips to keep your prints fresh for much, much longer.

How to Clean a Canvas Print

Cleaning canvas prints is a simple process. All you’ll need is a soft duster to remove the light coat of dust on top of the canvas, as well as the sides. You can also use a clean, dry microfiber cloth, as they’re usually non-abrasive and soft enough to avoid damage to the surface of the canvas.

What If There Are Hard-to-Clean Spots?

In this case, you can slightly dampen the microfiber cloth. Make sure to wring it just enough so there is no dripping and use light movements to remove the dirt. Try to avoid heavy-handed rubbing!

Here’s What NOT to Use When Cleaning Your Canvas Prints

Avoid cleaning your canvas print with:

  • Universal cleaners
  • Detergents
  • Harsh sprays
  • Anything that isn’t water (if you should ever need water)
  • Brushes
  • Scrubbers

These types of chemicals and materials can damage the print.

Dos and Don’ts for Where to Display a Canvas

Part of keeping your canvases clean and extending their life span is considering where you are displaying your print. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to your canvas’ new home:

Don’t: Display It in Direct Sunlight

While your canvas prints may look beautiful in direct sunlight, we usually advise against placing them in sunlit areas. Blame ultraviolet (UV) rays: their radiation can affect the inks, dyes, and pigments used in canvas prints over time.

Do: Display It Indoors or Slightly-Lit Areas

If the sunlight hits the canvas print indirectly during the day, that is not a problem. Plus, moderate natural lighting can enhance the look of your canvas print.

Don’t: Place It in Heated or Humid Areas

Your canvas prints are made with natural products and inks, so they’ll naturally shrink and dilate with significant shifts in temperature. Keep them away from stovetops and bathrooms, as the  humidity and heat can cause mold growth, or slow deterioration.

Do: Place It Anywhere Else!

Home décor is all about getting creative. As long as your prints aren’t in any of the above-mentioned areas, feel free to find unique and interesting spots that suit your personal style and interior design.

Preserve Your Memories by Preserving your Canvas Prints

From crafting to packing, your canvas print orders are handled with care until they arrive safely to your doorstep.

Have a duster or soft cloth handy, keep your prints away from moisture and harsh lighting, and you will be enjoying your canvas for many years to come.

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