How to Choose the Best Photo Blanket Gift

Choosing a gift for someone special? Here’s what to consider when choosing a personalized photo blanket that speaks to them.

Why Should I Get My Loved One a Photo Blanket?

Photo blanket of a dad playing with daughter laid on a couch

It’s comfortable, cuddly, and soft. Photo blankets are the perfect way to keep someone you love warm on the inside and out. At CanvasPeople, we make our blankets with a soft fleece on the printed side backed with a cozy sherpa material. The result is a warm, yet lightweight blanket.

It’s versatile. They can store it seasonally and grab it when the cold hits. They can throw it and display it as an accent piece. They can let their kids hide under it. They can let their pets snuggle up with it. Above all, they can show it off. It’ll be an immediate staple item in their home.

It’s creative! When it comes to holidays and special dates, sometimes you can get stuck gifting the same recycled ideas. But what was the last time you gave someone a personalized blanket? It’s an easy way to get innovative and impress someone you love with something new.

The reactions are priceless. Can you keep a secret? If you can surprise your loved one with their new blanket, you’ll get a reaction worth recording. Trust us, the sheer joy and excitement for their personalized blanket will be written all over their face.

They will become a beloved keepsake. A picture will last a long time, but so can a photo blanket. If properly cared for, a personalized blanket can be passed on for generations, bringing joy and nostalgia to future friends and family members that may inherit it. ​​​​​​​

What Kinds of Photos Should I Get Printed on a Photo Blanket?

Grey cat sits on top of  a bed with a photo blanket of the cat

The kind of photo(s) you print will depend on the recipient. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For the pet-loving friend: Does your loved one have a library filled with photos of their pet? Do them a favor and get one of these snapshots printed on a blanket! If they have multiple pets, get a pic of the whole squad all together. Your pet-loving friend might also love a candid picture of them and their pet together. As long as their furry best friend is featured, they will cherish this gift forever.

For your sweetheart: Show them just how much you care with a blanket that memorializes your love. Choose a selfie from your favorite date or print a picture from your anniversary or wedding photoshoot. Want to give them a gift to remember? Suprise them with a blanket with a photo of you. They will love keeping you close when you’re apart.

For the adventurous folks: A photo blanket is the perfect opportunity to print special snapshots of special places. Think scenic routes, picturesque landscapes, or tourist attractions from their favorite globetrotting excursions. Tip: If it’s on their Instagram, they’ll love it on a blanket!

For the family: Family photos are great subjects for a custom blanket. Whether you have professional family portraits, vacation photos, or casual candids, your recipient will be delighted to receive a blanket printed with their loved ones.

What Blanket Options Do I Have?

When choosing which photo(s) to print, you might also want to consider which blanket template fits your needs. Here are some of our best-sellers:

One-photo blanket: This is a great option if you have a standout photo that deserves its own blanket. It’ll be the star of the show, so make sure it’s a high-quality photo!

Collage blanket (2,3,4 or 6 photo): We get it – choosing just one photo can be a challenge. Thankfully, our blankets are large enough to fit up to 6 photos, so you can create beautiful collages. 

Background blankets: Looking for a stylish background? Upload any photo, and our designers will take out its original background and replace it with a custom background. Our custom backgrounds include winter snow, flannel, hearts, and many more.

Regal pet blankets: The pet lovers will go crazy for this one. Upload a photo of their pet and our designers will transform them into a classic pet regal portrait…on a blanket!

If you’re the “whatever” type, we also offer a number of designs that don’t require a photo upload. Our best-selling options include our beach-themed and stars-themed blankets.

By the way, these are just a few ideas. Our blanket collection is huge, featuring a wide range of backgrounds, holiday themes, quotes, styles, and so much more!

Here’s the (Extremely Easy) Process for Designing Your Photo Blanket

  • First, choose your desired style from our blanket collection.
  • Next, select the picture(s) you want. Again, make sure they’re high-quality, as the beauty of your blanket starts with the pictures you choose!
  • That’s it, really. Once you add your blanket to cart and check out, our designers will immediately receive your photo(s).
  • Finally, they’ll check to make sure the picture meets our production guidelines. If it doesn’t, our customer service team will notify you via email right away so you can pick a different photo.

It’s Time to Impress: Get Your Loved One a Custom Blanket Today!

Photo blanket featuring a smiling couple laid over the arm of a couch

There’s no reason not to give someone you love a personalized blanket. But, in case you need any extra reasons…

  • All of our blankets are big enough to cuddle with (50×60″)
  • They’re washing machine-safe (tell the recipient to wash warm on a delicate cycle and tumble dry low. Tell them not to bleach, iron, or dry-clean!)
  • They’re premium-quality and made in the USA
  • They’re made with UL GREENGUARD Gold certifiedinks
  • They’re odor-free

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