Pair Your Photo Blanket With a Custom Photo Pillow

Already own a photo blanket from CanvasPeople, or are you thinking of getting one for someone special?

Try pairing your blanket with one or more of our custom photo pillows!

Blankets and pillows are like peanut butter and jelly – inseparable! They’re versatile, too: they make perfect gifts for any occasion (be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or “just because”) and can easily double as outstanding pieces of décor.

This dynamic duo can elevate any space with a cozy touch of personality.

What Kinds of Photo Pillow Options Do I Have?

All of our pillows are made with a soft, velvety suede material that makes any image stand out. They come in the following styles:

One-sided photo pillows: This option lets you showcase your favorite picture on one side, while leaving the back side white. The blank side can act as a “palate cleanser” for when you feel like keeping things neutral.

Double-sided pillows: Can’t commit to just one photo? Print a custom image on each side of your pillow. All you have to do is turn it around for an instantly refreshed look.

Collage pillows: Our collage pillows are meant for those of you with tons of memories to display. Each pillow can contain up to 5 different images, so your cushion can be transformed into a memory board!

Pillow creations: If you’re into awesome quotes and designs, you’ll fall in love with these styles. Your photo can go on one side, while the other can feature a quote, pattern, or a variety of our other best-selling designs. When we say that the options are endless, we mean it.

When choosing your pillow also consider our three sizing options: 12×12”, 16×16” and 18×18”. Just imagine the endless compositions you can create by varying photos and different pillow sizes!

Where to Place Your Photo Pillows and Blankets

Photo pillows and blankets aren’t just great to snuggle with. They can also effortlessly transform your space in a snap.

Here are a few ideas for styling your pieces:

Sofas: Casually drape your blanket over the arm of your sofa for a relaxed and inviting look. For a visually appealing arrangement, you can use a variety of pillows in different sizes, colors, and textures. That’s where our multiple sizing and customization options come in handy!

Beds: Is a bed really a bed without some pillows and blankets? Give any bed a personal touch by placing one of your custom pillows in the middle of your Euro pillows as a centerpiece. For a more lived in look, toss your blanket over the corner of the bed.

Benches and stools: Have a backless stool or bench? To add some extra cushion, grab your favorite custom pillow and place it on top – because your beautiful creation deserves its very own throne. You can also neatly drape your blanket across the furniture, making sure to showcase your photo(s).

Baskets: If you have empty decorative baskets forgotten in a corner, it’s finally their time to shine. Fit a pillow and blanket into the basket for easy access when family or guests need something comfy.

Awesome Picture Combos for Blankets and Photo Pillows

If you have a photo you love printed on a blanket, print related quotes on multiple pillows! We have beautiful designs and quote creations ranging from Best Friends to I Love You.

If your blanket features you and your partner, why not make your pillows all about each of you? Print individual pictures on two different pillows, so that you can snuggle with it whenever your loved one is away.

Got some great vacation pictures?Get a beautiful group shot on a blanket, and save the pillows for the sunsets and sights you’ve captured along the trip.

If either your pillows and blankets feature more neutral designs, don’t be afraid to experiment with collages and creations. It’ll create a stylish, balanced composition that won’t look heavy.

The options are endless, so get creative with your mix and matching!

How to Create Your Custom Pillow

You’re 4 simple steps away from a custom pillow or blanket:

1) Choose your pillows’ size and style. Our blankets come in one universal size (50” x 60”), so you can skip to step 2;

2) Upload one or more photos from your photo library or social media profile. (We recommend uploading high-resolution photos to ensure your creation looks gorgeous);

3) Adjust the sizing & crop of your image, if necessary;

4) Add on optional extra effects;

And leave the rest to us!

Our pillows and blankets aren’t just huggable, giftable, and decorative: they’re made to last. We make each of them with top-tier materials and printing practices, ensuring a long and happy life on your couch, bed, stool, or wherever you choose to place them!

Our pillows are designed with a removable insert that you can pop into the washing machine! Make sure to use cold water and a mild laundry detergent. Our blankets are also washing machine-safe on a delicate cycle. Avoid bleaching, ironing, or dry-cleaning your blanket to ensure your photo and the fabric stay intact.

Whether you’re ready to wow someone with a comfy combo or need to add some personality to your décor… CanvasPeople has you covered!

Start creating your photo pillow or picture blanket today!

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