How to Wash Your Photo Blanket

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you don’t want your message to get lost in translation by not taking care of your custom blanket properly. Cleaning your blanket is an essential task to preserve not only its appearance but also the precious memories it holds. Knowing the proper cleaning methods will ensure the blanket material and printed image remain intact for years to come.

With a few simple steps and a gentle touch, you can have it looking fresh and cozy once again. Let’s dive in and discover how to give your photo blanket the TLC it deserves!

Steps for Washing Your Blanket

1. Preparation: Gather your blanket and put it in the washing machine. Yes, our photo blankets are machine wash safe!

2. Machine Settings: Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle and use warm water. If you are washing your blanket with other items, stick to like colors only.

3. Cleaning Agents: Your blanket can be cleaned with a small amount of mild detergent. Do not use bleach.

4. For Tough Stains: Pre-treat tough stains with a small drop of mild dish soap for a few minutes and blot clean with a towel or cloth.

5. Drying: After washing, hang your blanket up to dry or toss it in the dryer on a low heat delicate cycle. High heat may cause your blanket to shrink or destroy the fibers.

What to Avoid

Caring for a custom photo blanket is simple, but here are some things to remember to avoid:

  • Bleach
  • Too much soap or detergent
  • High dryer heat 
  • Constant direct sunlight
  • Ironing
  • Dry Cleaning

How often should I wash my custom photo blanket?

Your blanket washing is up to your discretion, but for heavy use, we recommend a trip to the washer 1-2 times per month. For decorative blankets or for blankets that are not used every day, we recommend washing every 3-6 months.

Now that you’re armed with blanket cleaning knowledge, go ahead and spread it out on your couch, share it with loved ones, or even take it on an adventure – there’s no need to fret about keeping it fresh.

Happy cleaning and cuddling!

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