SWYL x Intermediate Care Unit

IM Strong

We recently had the pleasure of working with the COVID-19 floor at Sinai Hospital in Maryland. The IMC ( Intermediate Care Unit) was being pushed to the brink as their ICU was at full capacity. The IMC started to handle some of those patients which became very overwhelming and resulting in some of the staff quitting, leaving them with less help/resources. Because they are a COVID floor, the dietary team, environmental services, and many others are not allowed to go into the rooms. It is only the nurses who are allowed to go in. With patients that were sicker than ever and having less help than before, the nurses became very stressed. A nurse at IMC, reached out to us and said “We keep hearing the world call us heroes, but we feel far from it.”

At CanvasPeople Share What You Love is more than a slogan. It is the very core principal of our business. At times things can be negative, but sharing a tangible image can sometimes do so much more than words.

Our team decided to design a logo for the IMC team and print it on pillows for the nurses to hold onto when they felt pressure, to simply rest their heads on and most importantly, to remind them that they ARE heroes.

Check out this heart warming note from the IMC.

“Thank you so much for your donation! The pillows were a smashing success! They brought smiles to the nurses faces, and all were so excited to receive! Please enjoy the pictures as a token of our appreciation! Please know that you and your company have brought joy to the staff on our IMC. Thank you for caring!”


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