The 3 Main Ingredients to Nelson Echeverria’s Photography

Content & Photos Courtesy of Nelson Echeverria.

Nelson Echeverria is a Photographer in New York, New York and Owner @ Nelstudios.
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Nelson graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. Working as a portrait & fashion photographer in New York for the past 10 years, Nelson is influenced by photo heroes such as Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Jacques Henri Lartigue and Dianne Arbus. Currently Nelson’s photography focuses on wedding photography, engagements, events and portraits. He shared with CanvasPeople the 3 main ingredients that he believes are the most important to his art.



What interests me the most about portraits is the rawness of the in between moments. F-Stops and Shutter speeds are secondary to thoughts, ideas, and feelings. A portrait is an imaginative lie that exists inside my head, which then collides with the reality put in front of me. A photograph of a person is always a collaboration and a performance between the subject and photographer.



I developed in NYC as initially a fashion photographer. Fashion photography is still my favorite to shoot. Even from the beginning, I always approached fashion as a stylized portrait. Adding hair and make up teams took the imagery to a new level. I think it is important to share and collaborate with other talented and passionate individuals. Find people that love the process and imagery as much as you do. Lose yourself in the work and develop the craft.


When I shoot weddings and engagements I look for fleeing moments and revealing details. I like to let my mind to run wild. My goal is not to only document the people but to capture a feeling. I look for subtle interactions, warm glances, lively smiles, playful smirks, and all the emotions of what it felt like to be a part of that experience. I believe that my personal inner thoughts during a shoot are the most important part of my photographic style. Use your own creative vision to your advantage. Half the battle is listening to yourself. Trusting yourself and the process. Always push yourself to be more creative and take chances. Being safe all the time can get a little boring!


Content & Photos Courtesy of Nelson Echeverria.

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